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BioIntrant will be present at the 4th Biostimulant World Congress to be held in Barcelona, come and meet us to talk about bacteria, probiotics and agriculture.

Our vision:

Probiotic agriculture to improve agricultural productivity through plant health

Over the course of evolution, complex associations between living beings from different domains have been selected to better meet the needs of the individuals who compose them. Plants are no exception to this rule and associations developed with microbial communities are a way to be more effective against biotic and/or abiotic stresses. As already described in humans, microbial communities associated with plants are part of their foundation, development and defence capacity.


For cultivated plants, varietal selection has mainly focused on optimizing agricultural production yield. This orientation has resulted in a remarkable increase in yields while requiring costly and controversial cultivation routes. In this context, restoring the integrity of plant-microorganism combinations adapted to the cultivation areas used must simplify the cultivation routes to meet the profitability needs of modern and responsible agriculture.


With more than thirty years of research at the interface of agronomy, pedology, microbial ecology and bioinformatics, Biointrant's team integrates the plant into its environment (plant tryptic, soil structure, microorganisms) to promote its intrinsic ability to defend itself. Today, it is possible, thanks to the most advanced technologies (in silico, in vitro, in planta screening) and knowledge of the microbial ecology of plants, to restore this natural balance.

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