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Development of Bacterial Biostimulants

biodiversity​ prospecting

Biointrant scientists have been studying the beneficial effects of bacteria on cultivated plants since 1990. From this research, a proprietary collection of more than 2000 bacterial strains has been built.

The original isolation techniques used make this collection a unique resource of diversity built from diverse environments. It is continuously implemented to provide access to "ready to use" bacteria as close as possible to the needs of our partners.

The strains in this collection are documented (sequencing, annotation etc...) allowing a rapid evaluation of their potential by complementary approaches in silico, in vitro, in planta.

Already, several products have been identified from this collection, some of which are being marketed.

Screening for targeted applications


The identification of the most suitable biostimulants includes the integration of plant-microorganism interactions into their environment. Biointrant relies on the most advanced bioinformatics analyses to integrate the many environmental adaptation factors into its screening. By relying on its expertise in genome annotation and in the use of bioinformatics for metadata analysis for the creation of dedicated databases, Biointrant optimizes its in vitro and in planta screening.

Ensure product consistency


The industrial constraints for obtaining robust industrial production processes are integrated into Biointrant's R&D approach. Product consistency includes the definition of protocols, the supply of industrial batches, product homogeneity and invariance